Saturday, September 11, 2010

My style journal - week eleven - NY Fashion week

Fashion week is here and I attended some  fashion shows this week and here is one of the looks i chose to wear. I must say i liked this look a lot, i felt it had casual mixed in with a bit of dressed and a lot of fun! The white jacket (which is by the way a $69.95 jacket from H&M) is a stand out piece that i struggled to make it look natural and not too uptight or forced,  i first tried it over some plaid and gingham  pants and than a dressier navy pants but it was all way to serious for the occasion, so i finally went for the dark skinny jeans (511) from Levi's (which i got for $44 on sale and which fit really great.... much better than other more expensive jeans in the market) and the shiny pointy shoes that added flair and fun to the party...
The shirt is a BOAZ shirt (the classic style) that as i mentioned last week soon will be available for purchasing online.
Over all i love that this outfit looks much more expensive than its actually is, which once again shows that it's really not about  labels or prices but how you mix it all up and put it together....(i will admit though that sometimes it does take a little time and patience to find the right combination....but it's always worth it.
This week I'm wearing:
White Blazer - H&M
Dark skinny jeans (511) - Levi's
Classic style shirt - BOAZ
Grey shiny shoes - Juno New York

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