Thursday, August 19, 2010

Style icon of the week - LeBron James

We all know him as "King James" - in my opinion he is one of the best athletes out there and maybe even ever! Not just physically but also mentally (I find it very hard to be in the spotlight at the age of 19 expected so much of and actually slowly and surly need to have the right character). But the question for us is...does he have a strong style as well??? GQ Magazine  posted this week a look into his closet and i  must say i was very impressed and thought i should share this with you all. Yes he had some help from their stylist but i have seen him dressed up before and the guy has a nice taste, its sophisticated, smart, not too loud and not pretentious.
Take a look at the GQ post and see what you think.... i really liked the first 4 looks especially the plaid pants + vest (or as i call it the new suit) and the striped cardigan with the pink plaid button down shirt and tie....
Now you really earned your nickname "KING JAMES"!

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