Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Style Journal - week seven...The new suit!

First i would like to apologize for the lack of writing in the last few weeks. It was a very busy time for me at work and i just couldn't find the time to write...the good news are that I'm back and hopefully stronger and better!
This week's my style journal presents an outfit that is probably the last time i can wear this season before storing it until next fall. As i mentioned in my last post about the importance of the vest (which i was very glad to hear that have inspired quite a lot of you out there....), i love the combo of pant and vest, what i call....
the new suit and when I found this plaid fabric in Mood (a fabric store in New York that i'm sure you have heard of before and if not...its about time. They carry designer fabrics and trims and if you have the patience and time you can find great findings to personalize your wardrobe and your furniture as well) this suit was written all over it! Usually men think of plaid suits as in subtle colors and small plaids but if you want to make a statement in your style... you got to go big and bold like i did here. wearing a white shirt and keeping it untucked softens the boldness of the colors and breaks the big pattern, making the outfit less serious and with the addition of these shiny shoes it turns into a fun outfit that was my of my favorites to wear this last winter!
This week I'm wearing;
white shirt - Zara
Black diamond tie - Calvin Klein
Pant + Vest - Boaz
Shoes - Juno New York

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