Friday, June 18, 2010

Next for spring - Seersucker blazer

Spring seems to be just rushing through, its the second year in a row...I love summer, I appreciate the heat and enjoy it more than most people are ( and just really can not stand the cold!), but I'd like to enjoy a good spring before summer kicks in, and off course to enjoy a spring wardrobe ....which from the way it looks like i will not have the chance to do....bummer!
Therefore my next item for spring is one that can easily translate into a summer item - a seersucker blazer!
Seersucker – Thin, 100% cotton fabric (although sometimes rayon or other synthetics are woven in as well) with striped or checkered pattern, considered a casual fabric and is classic for warm weather dressing. The trademark puckers allows the air to come through and therefore keep the fabric away from the body helping with the cooling. I personally like the texture of the seersucker, it reminds me of bubble wrap…and similar to the gingham fabric strong colors like red, green and blue don’t look as intimidating because of the way it’s weaved making seersucker clothes the perfect thing to wear in warmer climate. Traditionally in the US, seersucker clothes were worn only between Memorial Day and Labor Day (it makes me laugh thinking that people follow rules like that….I hope they didn’t arrested those who wore it a week earlier???).
Seersucker Blazer will add
a clean, crisp and stylish touch to your look, adding fun to your outfit without the traditional feeling of wearing a blazer. For a casual look mix it with a T or a polo shirt and loose-fitting cotton pants, or jeans and sneakers or bright color loafers. If you need to look a bit more serious mix it with a white (or otherwise light color) button down shirt and a light color tie if needed and white pants (white is absolutely the go to color to mix with seersucker, it compliments the lightness of the fabric). For a trendy and funkier look wear a bow tie and colored pants just like in that Rugby photo on top. In the warmer summer days you can still wear your blazer just pair it with nice shorts (like these ones from Tommy Hilfiger) and colored suede loafers (no socks please). 

Few details you should pay attention to when buying a seersucker blazer (or any blazer for that matter) - as always the first and most important thing is fit, look for a trim fitted jacket with one or two button front, make sure the blazer fits you well on your shoulders, it should fit just right with no extra room beyond your shoulders so it will not look sloppy, and not to small that it will look like it shrunk on you. Close the front buttons and make sure it fits nice hugging your stomach, no pulling or access fabric in the waist. Btw if you are trying a blazer from one of the bigger brands try a size smaller than what you would normally try (most of these brands although they offer a trim fit it will still on the looser side since they cater to a wide range of customers). Make sure the sleeves are the right length (especially if you are trying on a smaller size blazer), although keep in mind for the most part the sleeve length can be adjusted by a tailor, basically the sleeves should just touch the base of your thumb, when wearing a button down shirt under it should reveal about half inch the shirt cuff.
For the most part seersucker is not an expensive fabric so you should find blazers that are reasonably priced compare to other fabrics (especially now when summer sales are on the way...). So, go out now and pick up your seersucker blazer....or maybe even as a Father's Day gift?????

Below: Undergear, Garments Engineered  Ralph Lauren


  1. I love a nice seersucker blazer!! They have a nice knock off at H&M right now that would be a great piece for the summer. Has the design of a seersucker but it is not the same type of material, I quite like it. Nice post Boaz!

  2. Saw a nice one at the Banana Republic that actually fit comfortably.



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