Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gingham shirt - A must have for spring

After the spring decided to take a break from us last week, it's back and I can now get into SPRING MODE once again!..... next to check on my spring wardrobe's list is....a GINGHAM shirt! Gingham is a classic pattern that looks like plaid and universally recognizable, although.... not always in clothing. You all saw it before as the table cloth in your favorite little Italian restaurant or used it as the romantic mode setter cloth in a picnic.... like the one you planed for you and your sweetheart on your second date....I always liked the look of gingham  and actually today while browsing at Mood for some fabric findings i found this navy and cream canvas fabric that soon enough will form into a nice summer pants....I'll post it up once its done.....In the meantime i made this purple gingham shirt on top to cover my spring cravings.....
Generally gingham associated with a masculine, casual look such as in western shirts, or as the shirts Mods (British teenagers in the 1960s) wore (like the Ben Sherman shirt below), but if used right gingham can also add depth and sophistication to your wardrobe. The gingham shirting fabric is very comfortable to wear and due to the way its weaved is generally easy to clean (also because of the pattern being busy little spots are not as noticeable). 
Gingham shirts are fun...whatever your personal style is, you can find a gingham shirt to match it! The variety of colors and pattern sizes are wide and you can be as adventures or conservative as your heart desires.  As always keep in mind that
FIT IS ESSENTIAL! For tips on buying man's shirts check out what to look for when buying a button down shirt.
How to wear: For a classic more traditional look, go with a smaller gingham pat
tern and classic color ways like blue/white or Black/white, and if you decide on other color ways just make sure the colors are close to each other, like a navy and black combo because the less noticeable the pattern - the classier. If you really  feel like embracing the spring vibe and looking for some sunny bright colors...go ahead and knock yourself out ...just choose a white color combo and a mini gingham pattern, like those shirts from RL in the photos, those can be worn under a jacket with or without a tie or just simply with dark jeans.
For a trendy look, you can be more adventures and choose bigger size gingham with bolder colors or even a mix of different color gingham and pattern size on the same shirt. For a smarter look add a skinny matching tie (like the Ben Sherman below) maybe and or even a vest.
For a casual easy look, try a western shirt, or a wrinkled washed cotton shirt like the one from the Gap above, maybe a white T underneath, roll up the sleeves pair it with jeans but keep the shirt untucked than add a cool sneakers or funky loafers and you are good to go!


  1. Where can i buy the last one?

    1. at this point i don't think you can anymore, this is from last year. sorry.

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