Monday, February 15, 2010

Shipley+Halmos sale on

Gilt has a sale of Shipley+ Halmos going until 2/17 at midnight. for those who don't know is an online store where you can find all you need contemporary and luxury clothes and gadgets. The concept is members only (you just need to sign up nothing too hard), sample sale of 3 days for every brand and the best part..... in about 70% of the original price.... as they describe it "Killer stuff at a killer value"!
The Shipley+Halmos is a ready to wear brand that was launched by two of the original four guys who started Trovata. Between us..... i wasn't a big fan of Trovata and didnt really get the hype about was just too college casual for my taste, but this line is much more modern and sophisticated and actually has some classic inspired items which any man can use.
Key items on sale are:
The light cotton, hidden placket button front shirt in solid colors, stripes or geometric print ($68).
The cotton twill blazer in steel gray ($148).... i like the front pockets.
And also cardigans and velvet pants...
So, check it out, a great opportunity to stock on some modern classic items...

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