Friday, February 19, 2010

My style journal - week five

I know i have been slacking a bit on my style journal in the last couple of weeks...sorry, i was a bit busy.
This week the look is - Bohemian cool! These last couple of years vests became a favorite item in my wardrobe, and for every pant that i made my self lately i made a vest to go with...its a cool concept!.... They can than be worn together or separately. When worn together i can dress it up with a dress shirt tucked in and a tie (I went to few weddings dress up like that), or I can dress it down to look easy and cool by adding a funky button down shirt and leave it untucked (like in the photo below). I like the shirt showing under the vest, it breaks the line of the pant+vest and makes it less formal and more fun and approachable.....
check out the details on this shirt i have on (click on the photo to enlarge), the directions of the stripes adding fun to a classic shirting fabric....I love this shirt!
And how about these shoes.....ha?

This week I'm wearing:
Black corduroy Vest + Pant - Boaz
Stripe shirt - Boaz
Shoes - Juno New York

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