Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ralph Lauren collection for team USA

New York city streets wore white this morning as if having a welcome ceremony to the upcoming Winter Olympic games (This Friday the 12th).... Fifth avenue looked like a ski slope, Union square was ready for some cross country skiing competition and every sky scraper looked like a ski mountain....everything was covered in a soft, bright white snow..... just beautiful and purifying! I'm not a fan of the winter, but i will admit.... the snow part is kind of cool! So, as i was flipping through WWD and putting on my snow boots (from Keen) i saw the uniforms for the US Olympic team designed by Ralph Lauren. I'm not a big fan of the RL style but there is no doubt that RL is a true American brand and it seemed only natural for this brand to to get the call for this job! ...and I think they did a great one, simple, classic, all American athletic look..... on the money! (well...except for the knit hats with the moose print.... i mean come on...Christmas was almost 2 months ago.... and even though i know its very trendy now i just CAN NOT stand those type of patterns.....).
The line is available for all on the Ralph Lauren site and stores, and includes down jacket, chunky wool/cashmere knit sweater, beautiful classic merino wool shawl cardigan (my favorite), a white cozy pima cotton fleece pant, some down vests and a bunch of other tees, hoodies, boots, ties and hats, all off course in the patriotic color scheme of red, blue, and white, decorated by the team USA's official logo and the pony Polo logo.
So go and shop to be inspired, relax on your couch and let the games begin........

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