Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Style journal - week two. Let's Rock!

Last night my wife and i went to see Elefant, an indie rock band from New York city. So in the spirit of that my look of this week is a Rock N Roll suicide.... (the suicide part just makes it sound more edgy and glamorous, so no need to call 911). What is more Rockish feeling than BLACK, SKINNY, and VINTAGE??? OK ,maybe long hair, not shaving and looking drugged and dirty are some others but I'll stay with the first 3 for now.
On my first visit to London (to any of you who are reading this and never been there, DROP everything that you are doing right now and GO.... don't think, don't pack just go....) about 15 years ago while visiting in Camden Market (back than it was still raw and not as polished as now days) in the vintage market I spotted about 20 feet away from me this black leather coat hanging in one of the booths, i zoomed on it and started running towards it (I'm really not exaggerating, i was worried that someone else will spot it before me so i had no choice but running there). This beautiful piece of art had served me since than, i had to change the entire lining that was ripped and found my self freezing in some cold weather days just cause it was cooler to wear it instead of a really warm coat but it was all worth it... this item made everything i wore look cooler, i had so many people over the years complimenting it. The shrunk jeans jacket is another vintage find (some store on 23rd st in the city) for $20 about 8 years ago while looking for inspiration items. I always loved how these 2 jackets complimented each other (actually so much that i wore them on my first date with my wife hoping it will impress her as well.....hey, it worked and besides....everyone is entitled to some vanity and shallowness...). Let's Rock!!!

This week I'm wearing:

Black skinny jeans - BOAZ
Black shirt - Ben Sherman
Black scarf - H&M
Jeans jacket - Vintage
Black leather coat - Vintage
Boots - Paul Smith

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