Friday, July 6, 2012

A touch of color in every step

By now you all know that I like colors and encourage them, but since I'm aware that some of you might be a little more hesitant, i suggest we start with small steps, how about colored shoelaces???
Stolen Riches is a Canadian company that's been producing shoelaces for over 4 generations. After almost 100 years of making only black and brown even they they decided to change things up - Colorful shoelaces!  Thank to them now you can easily add a touch of individuality and a stroke of fun to your business suit or your working boots and all for less than $20.


  1. Amen! I have at least five pairs of shoes in which the boring black or brown generics have been replaced with something more colourful: raspberry on black, lilac on black, grey on burgundy, pink on grey, are some of them.

    This is the cheapest and easiest way, and one of the most effective, to make that ready to wear pair of shoes really "yours".

  2. Alex, you are right this can rejuvenate any pair of shoes! ...and you can be as daring as you'd like...



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