Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spain vs Italy - the style match

Spain Home Jersey
Italy Home Jersey
SPAIN vs ITALY - This coming Sunday 2:45pm EST the soccer national teams of these two countries will play each other in the final of Euro 2012 soccer tournament Kyiv Ukraine. Both teams are exciting to watch (although are different in their style of play) and packed with talented players and as a soccer fan i look forward to the match.
But the battle that i wanted to highlight is the battle of the uniform - who is the winner on that end? who has the more stylish, cooler and exciting uniform???
Until recent years the Italian style was carried into the soccer field, Italy always had the most stylish uniform, they were the first to sport a tight jersey, the first to have the longer shorts etc. But in recent years things changed and globalization had its impact in that arena as well and teams like, Spain France and even Portugal had their share of style in soccer uniforms.
I went on to compare between the two finalists, what do you think who is the style winner???
Italy Away Uniform
Spain Away Uniform
P.S. my winner in this category is Spain...although i have a feeling the winner on the field will be Italy...we'll wait and see. good luck to both teams and as a soccer fan i hope for a super entertaining match....


  1. Soccer uniforms come in a variety of designs and color combinations, but the colors usually aren't coincidental to the teams. They are deliberate, usually well thought out selections meant to make the team stand out. At times, the color choice is decided through a consensus of the players.

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