Monday, September 5, 2011

My Style Journal - Labor Day brunch in the city!

Over the last few months i have neglected My style journal segment .....quite honestly i dont have a good enough excuse as to why i did other than maybe just laziness.....(Am i being too honest???).
Any ways, what matters is that its back and I promise to make a bigger afford to keep it going.
It was Labor Day weekend and the weather in the city was perfect for an out and about stroll! The occasion was a brunch with My parents in law and the look i went for is just fun and easy..... yet off-course stylish! So, I'm wore a chambray military shirt from my BOAZ men's shirt line which is a shirt i have worn quite a lot over the summer (dont tell anyone....), the combination of its luxurious fabric along with the slim fit and the military details makes it easy to either dress it up or dress it down. To support a less serious feel i paired it with a slim fitted shorts that i made in a gray and pinstriped fabric. The fabric has a slight sheen that goes well with the sheen of the chambray. I than added these canvas striped sneakers that keeps the look light yet still and as always stylish....

 Military chambray Shirt - BOAZ
Grey and light blue pinstriped shorts - BOAZ
High sneakers - PF Flyers


  1. I missed this post!!!!!

    I thought you were a turnup-kind-of-guy in matter of shorts! :)))
    I was wrong!


  2. hahahah, I'm glad i was able to surprise you. No the turnup detail is not me, i feel like it looks too feminine on me.... I dont see you as a turnup kind of guy? are you?

  3. You are right!



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