Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The skinny cargo pants

J Brand at Park & Bond
In my personal style cargo pants were never an could be that i had enough of them during my 3 years army service.... but i think it has to do more with the fact that cargos are usually just ugly (even the short version that everyone seam to wear this last summers)! They are big, baggy, comes in unattractive colors and have way too many pockets (bulky and not flat) and zippers...i like a militant inspiration when its used in sophistication. 
But  than i saw the fresh cargo skinny versions and it got me wonder... and more so inspired and even wanting one.... i wouldn't probably go with the army and khaki color palate just to  keep it away form the typical cargo pants...i like the denim versions below here from G-Star...they have a cool feel and i can see them paired with a white T and a light fall crew or v-neck knit and high bulky sneakers or boots and casual looks better than ever....
G-Star on revolve
J Brand at Barneys
Polo RL Black label at Bloomingdales
Shades of Grey at Bloomingdales

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  1. Cargo pants are a must, i mean if you want to look stylish you should get atleast one of these, my boyfriend has a few of them and he likes to wear them a lot.



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