Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paris Menswear Fall 2011 - Lanvin

I will admit Lanvin's men's line is growing on me! And this time around the fall 2011 collection is without a doubt one of the best.  A return to Elegance and a mix of technical sportswear and sartorial traditions is a motif we have seen all around this season but Lanvin's execution was one the better ones. From rich fabrics flowing in wide leg pants (yes, Bowie's 70's look touched their inspiration board as well) under double breasted jackets to tailored coats military inspired but modernly tweaked with magnet closures instead of buttons, cool bomber jackets and even some clean technical sweaters the Lanvin men have a lot to look forward to in next fall. Lucas Ossendrijver (don't ask me to pronounce his name cause i wouldn't even know where to start...) the men's division designer and Alber Elbaz (who makes me proud to be an Israeli especially since he studied in the same fashion school as me just few years earlier...) Lanvin's creative director offered easy to layer classic pieces that looked new and fresh and would support any man's wardrobe or style, edgy but not over the top so you can still feel comfortable and look natural wearing them and that simplicity and sophistication are the true signs of genius....oh... and not a word about having the shirts worn over turtlenecks....

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