Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Findings - Monitaly Riders Coat

A Riders coat from Monitaly at Opening Ceremony
WHY: So fall is snicking in slowly but surely and if there one thing i do like about the cold weather is the clothes....as much as i hate the weather the possibilities of things to wear and the need to layer give us much more to work with as oppose to just T's and shorts and what's better to show some flair than a coat....here is your chance to leave behind the traditional black gray or brown coat and struck out with some colors! This military inspired riders coat mixes the classic silhouette with fun and playful colors, it might not be the coat you"ll wear over your business suit but any time other than that this coat will do the trick!
INFO: Shell: 85% wool, 15% nylon. Body lining: 100% cotton. Sleeve lining: 100% acetate.
Available in brown stripe or white stripe.
Made in the USA.
PRICE: $800.00
WHERE: Opening Ceremony

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