Monday, July 12, 2010

Findings - Paul Smith Taylors shoes

Purple Taylors Shoes from Paul Smith
WHY: Summer sales are on and its a great time to get yourself some of these extraordinary fun items that you would like to have in your closet but wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable spending full price on while you are still working on getting the basics in your wardrobe. By now you guys know about my shoes fetish and my love for Paul Smith but did you know that purple is one of favorite colors??? (there was a time when i wore all purple from head to toe....) so when there is a summer sale of 50%
on purple Paul smith shoes you can imagine how happy i get.... i know Purple shoes are not something everyone feels the need to have but if you do think about making a statement what better than these to get the job done??? The color makes these shoes the ultimate summer shoes.....i can see them supporting a casual feel with jeans and T-shirt or button down shirt or a more formal touch with a bright color suit. Basically these are just FUN shoes to have and in half price...why not???

INFO: PS by Paul Smith five eyelet shoe made with purple leather uppers. This formal shoe has a chisel toe front and low heel which gives it a sleek sophisticated look. They have a Blake Rapid construction and PS embossed sole. Decorative insoles are featured and leather soles embossed with a dandelion design. Taylors are fitted with contrast brown laces, spare brown laces and a stow bag are included.
100% leather (cow) upper and sole
PRICE:  SALE - $203.00 (instead of the original $406.00
WHERE: Paul Smith

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