Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The DENIM SHIRT - A Must have for spring!

Spring is finally here, which i LOVE! And it is a great opportunity to refresh and update your wardrobe. So in the next few weeks i will share with you some of the items that i have on my "must have" list for the season (a list that btw is increasing as fast as the temperature out there....).
The first item on the list is the Denim shirt! .....generally, an unusual item for me to want since my personal style (and if you followed my blog before you would notice it by now) is inspired by a dressier look rather than casual, therefore the urge for a casual staple such as a washed, vintage looking denim shirt in my spring wardrobe caught me by surprise ..... but since dressing and styling is all about fun and reinventing i followed my heart and went for some online shopping... and here is what i found....
What should you look for in a denim shirt????
  • An actual denim fabric shirt, not chambray fabric (a cotton fabric with a shirting feel but a denim look, somewhat more "clever" and dressier version of the denim shirt). Look for the full on worker, cowboy, masculine style......with a 70's Steve McQueen attitude.
  • Slim fit, just like in any other button down shirt - fit is everything! (For fit advise and more tips on buying a button down shirt, check out my previous post "what to look for when buying a button down shirt"). Also since denim can get heavy and bulky, you want less fabric and more fit and you want to stay away from the hippie version, that big and loos style shirt that is usually worn unbuttoned over a black T (covering a growing belly...) -  that is definitely not the cool, masculine look you should shoot for! 
  • A darker color denim with a vintage, washed look, and a soft hand. Although i always preach for a denim pants to be as raw as can be, in a shirt i still recommend a darker color denim but this time treated and washed for softness, and a vintage look. Other than the for style, you really need your shirt to be easy to move in especially if its well fitted so i doubt that a raw heavy stiff denim will do the trick....
  •  Details: Front flap pockets (an absolute essential) and snaps instead of buttons that will add a rough and cool touch. 
Below are few options for you to get the feel, i actually ended up buying the one by Gap (in photo below) and i must say i am very impressed...especially for the price, the fit is just great!

Below: RGB


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