Friday, February 26, 2010

My style journal - week six

This week I went for casual cool.... simple and comfy!
I love these pants , I made them about 5 years ago as an army color version of jeans. I used to make these jeans that always had some knee patches with stitching and padding details, inspired by motorcycle pants. Over the years, all the washes and the wearing made the details on the knees and back pockets to look even better while the fabric gotten softer, making the pant age very well. They work well with boots or snickers like the leather converse. The converse style in my opinion is the simplest yet coolest sport shoe that was ever made. When i was a teenager
i had them in 3 colors and now 25 years later, they are still as cool looking as they were back than ...although i will admit they are not the most comfortable shoes, especially not for those who suffer from back and knees problems, the soles are too thin and there is not enough foot support...but i still love and wear them....The shirt has one cool detail on the sleeve (not sure if you can see it in this pic), it has a zipper instead of buttons on the cuff slit, making it more funky and denim friendly. To complete the look and brighten it, i have on an ivory zip up sweater from H& and surprisingly... very warm.

This week I'm wearing:
Sweater - H&M
Button up shirt - Boaz
Pant - Boaz
Leather snickers - Converse

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