Thursday, August 2, 2012

What does style mean? 5 Style tips for A Man of Style!

A Man of Style is a blog that it's intention is to inspire men to look their best!
Style defined as the way we express ourselves, which is not only in the way we look, but also the way we behave, think, communicate etc.
I personally don't believe we need to be "fashionable", trend victims or social followers in order to look our best. All we need is to care for it, listen to ourselves and have fun with it....i guess that could easily be a life mantra as well :)
Today i wanted to share 5 style tips that are part of a list i have put together recently that includes my Top 12 Style Tips. The complete list is available when you sign up for our BOAZ shirts mailing list and it includes a 10% discount on any of our custom made shirts to give you a kick start in building a better style for yourself. Click here to sign up now.
Enjoy these style tips, I hope they will help you with looking and feeling better.
Please feel free to comment or email me directly with any questions, suggestions or thoughts you might have.
  1. PERSONAL STYLE – This is where it all starts! Trends and dress rules are just suggestions. In order to look good you HAVE to OWN your look! You’ve been hired for your job because of your personal set of skills, right? It's the same thing with clothing, being stylish shows your individual flair. It will get you noticed for who you are. Whether you’re classic and conservative or more daring and outgoing doesn’t matter… as long as it’s YOUR PERSONAL STYLE! 
  2. FIT, FIT, FIT! - Fit is everything! No matter what the brand name, how well made, expensive or trendy an item is, if it doesn’t fit well it will not look good! An item too big or baggy will overwhelm your frame, and in something too small you’ll look uncomfortable and closer to a sausage than a model. FIT IS STYLE! Therefore, in order to look stylish, regardless of your body type, always make sure that your clothing fits properly! 
  3. REHEARSE YOUR LOOKS – Do you take time to prepare before an important business meeting? Then why not prepare your outfits as well? Trying out looks ahead of time and in the privacy of your home will give you a chance to experiment with new things, find what works well together and prepare few go to looks so you don’t have to do it in a rush and under pressure. This will ease the stress, help you impress and perform better in real time! 
  4.  STOCK UP ON GOOD FINDS - When you find an item that fits well and look good on you stock up! Finding well-fitted items take research and leg work, so whether it be trousers, jeans, button down shirt or even T-shirts when you find the right ones get more! 
  5. KEEP YOURSELF GROOMED – There is no need to visit your hair dresser once a week, but you want to look like you do! Keep your facial hair (neck, ears and nose included) groomed and trimmed in between haircuts. Get a pair of trimmers and do it yourself or ask your partner to help. Looking neat and clean is a style statement! 
Good luck with your style and let me know if there is anything i can do to help!



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