Saturday, July 28, 2012

What is your workout style?

On Friday night the London 2012 Olympics opened. The Olympics event is the biggest sport event in the world intended to be about the purity of sport and its importance in the unity of this world (although I'm not sure how much of it is true anymore). We get the chance to watch athletes from 205 nations competing in 300 events. They preform with blood, sweat and tears while stretching their limits, breaking world records and creating the best real drama, the one that only sport can create.
In honor of the event i decided to dedicate a post for the Olympics....but with so many bloggers and magazines already covering every possible angle, i went with a more personal one. So, if watching the long distance race on your TV screen inspires you to get off the coach and break a world record, here my recommendation on how to look your best while doing it.
A Man of Style's Workout Gear
What do we have here? A basic black and blue color story spiced up with a touch of neon yellow and orange. I like compression items for style and performance, they're light and tight, and keep your body worm (lowers the risk of pulling muscles and improves your performance). The Nike Pro Combat Hypercool 2.0 fitted short-sleeve top delivers major ventilation and sweat-wicking fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable. Go for a dark color, it will insure looking good even when you're all wet and sweat. A black/yellow neon 6 inch, 4-way stretch shorts from New Balance will provide ease of motion, and these light blue Nike Hypercool Shorts underneath will keep your hamstrings flexible while adding color to the workout. Feather weight adiZero® by Adidas will make anyone feeling as if they're been running on air while a blue half zip long sleeve top from Adidas will keep you warm before and after your exercise. To keep track of your world breaking records use the help of Nike SportWatch GPS while blasting your workout playlist with the Nike Vapor headphones. No Look is completed without a bag, once again the perfect opportunity for a color addition for a style statement! Orange sport duffel bag from Y-3 is a great choice.
That's it, you are all set, all you need now is a little motivation and a Gym membership......


  1. My workout style is very simple, easy and chic...speedo briefs, goggles and cap ;) I am a swimmer at a competitive level
    Enjoy Olympic Games!!!
    Alessandro -

  2. Oh woow Alessandro, you must than enjoy the Olympics very much. What is your favorite swimming stroke?
    I love sports and played a lot of different things but swimming was never one of them, although its probably the best workout. Have fun at the pool!

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