Friday, October 15, 2010

Style icon of the week - Pep (Joseph) Gaurdiola

This week's style icon comes from the sports word, not even 40 years old Pep Gaurdiola considered to be one of the best football (soccer) mangers in the world today coaching for the first time a pro team and not just another team but probably the best team out there -  Barcelona.
Following his career as a player for Barcelona's dream team in the early 90's ((that was when i fell in love with Barcelona) 2 years ago he took over the top job and in his first year they won every title (6 of them) they were competing for, his team includes star players such as Messi, Xavi, David Villa,  Iniesta and much more but on the side lines there is only one style star and its Pep Guardiloa. Under his management Barcelona plays the most entertaining, attacking and inspiring football out there or what we call "Sexy Football" ...Just like his personal style!
On the field  he usually sporting  sleek fitted suits in either black or Grey with a  fine European touch in the form of  white fitted shirts with skinny collar and skinny ties, and for colder times an addition of a thin V neck sweaters or a cardigan under the suit... always with either one hand in his side pant pocket or scratching his bold head...
Off the field his style is casual with mostly jeans and either light thin V-neck sweaters or busy sports shirts which i would say is very European...


  1. And today he established himself as the best coach in the world today leading Barcelona to thief biggest win ever over Rivals Real Madrid 5-0...what a great game that should be thought in every football school!



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