Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Findings - Men's Belts by ISH AOR

Leather belts from ISH AOR (pronounced Ish-or)

As you probably have noticed i was MIA this last month....i was actually in Israel visiting family and friends and just enjoying the hot weather and the beach..... while i was there on one Friday afternoon while Brooke and I were walking through the street fair in Nachalat Benjamin in Tel-Aviv where different artists sell their designs our eyes caught right in the entrance to the market a table filled with cool colorful leather belts by ISH AOR (in Hebrew it means leather man), they were all one of a kind and very unique and hard to miss......they are all hand made by a dutch designer who is currently live and create out of Israel.
WHY: G.D makes all his belts and other leather goods out of natural full grain leather, everything is 100%
handmade with "vintage" treatment, coloring, stamping... and more. The thing that grabbed me was the variety of colors offered, the belts have a cool mix of vintage feel and bright contemporary colors, personally i saw these belts as the ultimate accessory for jeans, a unique detail that stands out just enough to make a statement.
INFO:  All belts are handmade of grain leather and painted with acrylic paints. All buckles are removable with either snaps or screws.
PRICE:  $72-$380
WHERE: Ishaor.nl



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