Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dry and raw....yet soooooo beautiful

I love denim, it is one of my favorite fabrics to wear and to design with, yet I haven’t bought a pair of new jeans in forever and the reason is that for the last 10 years I just did not like any of the jeans in the market.…. The denim market had a great run especially in the premium market but with all the million developments of different washes, stitches, and styles the classic cool looking denim that I like disappeared from the shelves. Luckily for me I made my own jeans for years and waited….. About 4 years ago while in a department store looking for a jeans for my wife my eyes landed on these beautiful pair of RAW denim, they were dry, heavy and stiff like a cardboard, the fit was tight and almost uncomfortable, the price was sky rocking ($275)…… but man these jeans LOOKED GOOD! It was a pair of Nudie! This Italian brand has a real true passion for denim with inspiration drawn from everyday’s life, they use Japanese denim that ages beautifully, their raw denim is to be wore for at list 6 months before its first wash to let the body form its shape by letting the body oils and everyday life settle in the fabric and form into a second skin. There are about 13 different fits on their line from the slim “Thin Finn” to the looser “Easy Emil” in different washes but my favorite is the classic 5 pockets “Regular Alf” in a dry selvage denim, it’s a bootcut that can be worn tight (the way I like it) or baggy. For a clean and sharp look pair those with slick button down shirt and dressy shoes or for a cool and easy look add boots and a worn T….
Available online ($269)

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